Big Grass Community Foundation
Big Grass Community Foundation
"Building Our Future"
Box 497
Gladstone MB R0J 0T0
Chairman: Robin Richardson
Phone 204-385-2456
Serving the communities of Plumas, Langruth-Lakeview, Gladstone - Westbourne.
A Community Foundation is a collection of charitable gifts given by people from all walks of life. Funds are pooled and invested. The interest income is distributed as grants to support the needs of the community.
The capital is left invested, continuing to grow, generating income to meet the Big Grass Community Area needs for generations to come. A foundation is a way to say thank you for the past and invest in the future.
When you donate through the Big Grass Community Foundation you create a charitable gift that:
  • is never used up
  • grows and continues beyond your lifetime
  • makes an impact on your community every year
Ways to Give:
Donations may be made in several ways:
  • Gift or pledge of money
  • Bequest by will of cash or property
  • Gift in memory of a relative or friend
  • Gift of life insurance
  • Gift in the family name
  • A multi-year pledge
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Capital donated to the Foundation is kept in perpetuity. Official receipts are issued for income taxation purposes. Registered Charity Number 85470 8476 RR0001
Members of the Board:
  • Robin Richardson - Chair
  • Sharon Vercaigne - Secretary
  • Ken Kinley - Treasurer
  • Wendy Denbow
  • Barry Arksey
  • Jim Bohm
  • Bob Clarke
  • Lisa Sneesby
  • Wayne Gardiner
How to Participate:
Your gift is an expression of gratitude to the community and of your desire to benefit future generations. Within the Big Grass Community Foundation, there are several funds in order to provide you with a choice as to where your contribution is to be used. These funds include the following:
  • General Fund - to serve the entire Big Grass Community Area
  • Plumas Fund
  • Langruth & Lakeview Fund
  • Gladstone Fund
  • Westbourne Fund
Mission Statement:
To Build a Permanent Endowment Fund that will Generate Earnings to Enrich the Quality of Life in the Communities of the Big Grass Marsh Area.
The Foundation is registered with Revenue Canada as a public foundation and is governed by an elected board of volunteer directors. As assets grow, the Foundation will be ready to respond to emerging community needs and work with community-based organizations serving youth, seniors, health, arts and culture, education, recreation, and the environment.
Guidelines for Grants:
Grants are made only to non-profit organizations registered with Revenue Canada. Applications for financial assistance must fall within the criteria limitations established by the Big Grass Marsh Foundation. In general terms, the Foundation supports local groups in such community service areas as:
  • Health
  • Recreation
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Culture
  • Seniors
  • Environment
Applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation should additional information or clarification of the information provided be required.

Click the link to see what's required and how to apply:

The Grant Application Process:
Applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation with a request for funding for worthwhile projects that are deemed eligible for financial support. All applications are considered on the basis of their merit and in relation to available funds. The Foundation reserves the right to:
  • Request interim and/or final reports
  • Request site visits
  • Set terms and conditions to any approval
Interested groups may apply, at any time, in writing with a detailed description of their project and a proposed budget. Applications are received when a need is identified.
Click the link to see the application form: